One cannot put into words the wild, mind-bending beauty of Milos’ beaches. The island is dotted with more than 100 stunning waterfronts, all of them with sun-kissed coasts and crystalline waters that come in all shades of blue, yet every beach flaunts its own unique charm! 

Milos’ embroidered coastline brims with beaches in every possible direction; there are beaches up north, down south, to the east and west, and four inside the main port of Milos, Adamas — which, by the way, constitutes the largest natural harbor of the Mediterranean. 

Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, Tsigrado, Fyriplaka, Pollonia, Mantrakia, Fyropotamos, Plathiena, Agios Ioannis, Agia Kyriaki, and Paliochori are some of the beaches you must visit. Special mention is given to the world-famous Sarakiniko Beach, a breathtaking moonscape with imposing white rocks and a place everyone should explore at least once in their lifetime.
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